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Katahdin (1999-2011)


Born February 21, 2004 Out of Basket of Flowers TB


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Only 7 Days Old
Thank you, Cathryn Bonaventura, for the great photos of Katahdin's first foal!  She's a Florida born Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred Filly out of race winner Basket of Flowers!  She has Katahdin's loving personality, large eye and expression, refined head, short coupling...
Update at 5 weeks:  Cammy is getting so fast! She has already outgrown 2 halters. She has to be the sweetest horse I have ever met. She loves to be rubbed and scratched. She loves any kind of attention. She even lets the boys hug her! She is so smart, too. When the boys are around her she stands so's like she knows that she has to be gentle with them. I've seen that in older horses but I didn't expect it from a baby. She's already letting me groom her...even her feet...without me even cross- tying her. She follows me everywhere. We ordered pizza the other night and when I went out to meet the delivery boy at the gate, Cammy followed me, as usual. That boy was laughing so hard I thought he was going to pass out! I asked him what was so funny and he said " That is the biggest dog I have ever seen!" I guess she does kind of remind you of a little (big) puppy dog. And boy is she full of energy! She loves to run!   You want to know what else she likes? Jumping! I don't encourage her at all, but if she sees something to jump.....she does! If the boys leave their wagon in the yard...she jumps it! She runs back and forth across the yard and on every trip she jumps it. (A few days ago)... Cammy was jumping over the two bales of hay I had stacked. She did it 2 or 3 times....that I know of....and she cleared them with plenty of room to spare! Is that unusual for a 5 week old baby?


Photos and comments by Cammy's owner, Cathryn Bonaventura of Jacksonville Florida.  All photos on this page are copyrighted 2004.