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Katahdin (1999-2011)

Tawnee Legend

Born April 1, 2005 out of Band's Ginger Snap ApHC  *SOLD*
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Congratulations to Mindy of Nassawadox on her quick acquisition of Cochise's full sister!  Miss Tawnee Legend is a beautiful chestnut roan with blanket and spots, refined gorgeous head and you won't see a better neck anywhere!  Jessie outproduces herself every time and this filly may be her best yet :) 
UPDATE:  Miss Tawnee becomes more colorful and more beautiful every day that passes!  New snowflakes keep popping up everywhere and she is receives compliements from everyone whom she meets!  This super lovely filly may be a bit more TB-ish  than her full brother, Cochise, have a slimmer build, full mane and full gorgeous tail, and the tiniest head Paddy has thrown yet!  - she's such a beauty!  I've warned her owner to expect a new horse each season as her coat is constanly changing and we get so excited to see how much more color she shows with every shedding!  This filly is so awesome - she is making her Jessie proud!!!   As promised Tawnee is quick on her feet, outrunning her 2 appy pasturemates, quick-witted and she's sure to be one athletic gal!  It's fate that put her in her talented owners hands!  This filly is amazing!!
April 6, 2005
With her dam at 5 days of age
At 5 Days Old
Beautiful Tawnee at 6 months