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Katahdin (1999-2011)


Born May 14, 2005!  * SOLD *


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1 Day Old!

New Photos July 17, 2005

Appy with Yearling 1/2 Brother, Cochise

At 2 months of age we can safely proclaim Appy as Katahdin's best colt to date!  Outstanding correct conformation, Paddy's trademark stilts and refined head, huge hip, heavy muscling, and adorable personality!  Little Appy inherited the National Champion caliber western pleasure gaits we promised and he will be the center of attention no matter where he goes with his loud roan coloring and "look at me!" attitude.  Scroll down for new photos!
Congratulations to Mattie Fripp for her fine eye and fast acquisition of our young stallion's finest show prospect to date!  The Fripp family has also purchased Appy's young Appaloosa dam, Rocketta Glow. and they are expecting a full sibling to this amazing colt in May of 2006!!!
Only 2 Months old! July 17, 2005


Photo taken June 8, 2005

Photos copyright by Kim Wright