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Katahdin (1999-2011)

2004 Foals

From Katahdin's first foal crop -

It's a Colt!!!! Born April 6, 2004
Click on the picture for more photos of Katahdin's first son!

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Foals Are Here!!!
Katahdin's first foal crop is on the ground and what an amazing production!!  We are so pleased about these babies!  Katahdin is siring TALL, Athletic, Smart,  Friendly, FAST foals who love to Jump!  He is refining his foals with beautiful heads, short coupling, balance, agility, and the kind of presence that money can't buy! 
Basket of Flowers (TB) x Katahdin   Cameo
IT'S A FILLY!!  Katahdin's first foal is Florida Born and hit the ground running February 21, 2004, a TALL bright chestnut filly with stockings and a blaze!  Baby is sprinting around the yard less than 12 hours old!  VERY FAST!!  CONGRATULATIONS to the Bonaventura Family!  What a wonderful first foal out of a wonderful mare!  -Very regretfully offered For Sale to a great home- Contact her owner (270) 487-1855 for more information.
Band's Ginger Snap (ApHC) x Katahdin   Katahbulous
IT'S A COLT!!  Tall, strong, JET BLACK and white colt with a blanket, large spots, star and lightning marks born April 6, 2004!  Katahdin's first son is a mirror image with spots!   -$7500- weanling price!
Rocketta Glow (ApHC) x Katahdin  Katahglorical
IT'S A FILLY!! Tall, friendly, feminine, and fast chestnut filly with a blaze and 2 rear socks with a perfect disposition born April 8, 2004!  -Best Wishes to Kitty with her new Mom, Jessica Pfahl of Smithfield, Virginia- 

Katahdin's First Foal! Born February 21, 2004
Click on her picture for more photos!

It's a Filly! Born April 8, 2004
Click on her picture for more photos!

September 26, 2004
First Big Show - Not even 6 Months Old Yet!
Show photo by John McCormick.  All rights are reserved.