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Katahdin (1999-2011)

2005 Foals

It's a boy!  
Congratulations to Kay and Gary Wright of Penn Laird, Virginia
Big Chestnut Anglo Arabian Colt out of their Arabian mare, Mikaila
Born March 12, 2005
It's a girl!
Big FAST Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly out of Nora's Gal
Born March 19, 2005
It's a girl!!!
Big beautifully marked ApHC Chestnut Filly! 
This is a full sister to Cochise pictured on our home page
out of Band's Ginger Snap
Born April 1, 2005
Another girl!!
Very Fancy!  Black Bay/Gray Anglo Arabian Filly
Out of Rockbridge Arabians' BA Enah
Born May 9, 2005
It's a boy!!
Tall Loud Chestnut Roan ApHC Colt
Out of Rocketta Glow
Born May 14, 2005!
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Chestnut Anglo Arabian Colt at 1 week old
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TB Filly out of Nora's Gal
Click on her picture for more!

Appaloosa Sporthorse Filly
Click on her picture for more!

Anglo Arabian Filly
12 Hours Old!

Appaloosa Colt
Born May 14, 2004

Katahdin's Foals of 2004